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Why the Bionator?

Please let me introduce you to the three main Bionator appliances, using the onion approach where we will just peal the outer couple of layers

The Bionator one:
Try gently bending one of your fingers backwards you will notice two things; one that the finger resists the movement and two there is pressure on the pushing finger. The main type of Bionator works in exactly this way, the lower jaw is eased forward and just like the finger it pushes back. It pushes back onto the upper jaw with the help of the Bionator and it is this gentle force combination that causes the lower to grow a little more, the lower teeth to move a little forward also the upper jaw perhaps to grow a little less and the upper teeth to move a little backwards. So are the discrepancies between the upper and lower jaws equaled out. This must be done while you are growing after the bodys growth has stopped it can not be redirected.

The Bionator does another important job. The upper and lower teeth slowly erupt and get longer until they meet something to hold them normally the opposing tooth, and in the front the front lower teeth should gently meet the upper front teeth. BUT if the lower jaw is too small then there is nothing to break this slow and gentle eruption so the teeth get too long to soon. The Bionator first breaks this movement and then allows the other teeth to catch up so that the teeth bite together in harmony.

The Bionator appliance does all these things by gently redirecting and adjusting the bodys own forces the Bionator itself is neutral.

Moving the lower jaw forward has many other advantages apart from aesthetic and dental advantages, the airway is increased, there is the possibility that therefore sleep is deeper and undisturbed, many anti snoring appliance work by bringing the lower jaw forward a impinged airway can cause snoring later in life and excessive snoring can lead to very serious medical conditions.

Often if the lower jaw is too far back the person will breathe through the mouth, this is the cause of posture problems as mouth breathing requires less effort, therefore the chest muscles become out of balance the head tilts forward and a rounded shoulder might develop. Mouth breathing also means an out of baleens mouth fauna often the cause of bad breath, the air is not warmed moistened and filtered this might be the cause of more infections than might be necessary.

I suggest further research should you be interested as the above is just scratching the surface, studies have shown differences in blood circulation, posture differences that might be coupled with the balances and harmonies the appliance supports.

The Reverse Bionator:
The Reverse Bionator is used to treat the problem when the lower jaw is too big or the upper jaw is too small, possibly meaning that the lower front teeth are positioned in front of the upper front teeth. The Bionator trys to adjust these growth patterns holding the lower jaw back while trying to accelerate the growth of the upper jaw. Again this appliance uses the bodies internal forces to redirect forces thus adjust growth.

The Open Bite Bionator:
When the upper front teeth and the lower front teeth do not meet as they should this is called the front open bite. Possible caused by the tongue coming between the teeth too often or perhaps a habit like biting on something, perhaps some sort of a comforter or pencil, it might also be caused by growth patterns meaning the upper jaw and lower jaw are growing at angles meaning the teeth are correct in the jaws but the jaw bones are too far apart. The Bionator attempts to adjust the position of the tongue, trying to hold the tongue away from between the front teeth. This has the effect of causing an area of "low pressure" in the front of the mouth the attempt at equilibrium often and hopefully has the effect of closing the bite.

The above is the outer one or two skins of information concerning the Bionator appliance more information is to be had from your therapist.

Should you be qualified to seriously object to something written above or should you have a suggestion please let me know I will certainly listen.


Roger Harman